Excited for your trip to the largest city in Australia? Sydney is often considered as the gateway to the rest of the country. It’s where the Central Business District is, and it’s also home to the famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

A short drive away will also take you to other favorite destinations, such as the Northern Beaches. True enough, navigating the city and nearby spots is best done in your own rental car. But, is it possible to ever find a cheap car rental from Sydney Airport?

Well, it may be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Since you’re in Sydney, you’re sure to find a wide array of rental vehicles. Whether you’re traveling with your family or alone, there’s a car that will suit your specific needs.

To help you ensure a stress-free car hire experience, here are some tips worth following:

Before Renting a Car

  • Read the terms before saying yes. It’s not fun to read a lengthy contract, but consider that a life-saver. You’ll want to be sure what you’re signing up for with a rental company. Chances are, you’ll not able to grasp everything quickly. However, by reading the terms, you’ll understand better your responsibilities and limitations while the car is in your possession. You can ask questions prior to booking the car and communicate with the customer service representative if something is not clear. You’ll also avoid making costly mistakes and you’ll also know when you can negotiate fees with the car hire agency.
  • Never rush the car inspection. Even if the company has already provided you a detailed list of the car’s damages and repair history, don’t settle. Conduct your own thorough inspection, paying attention to dents and irregularities. Take as many photos as you can. Videos will help too, especially with time stamps. This will serve as proof of the car’s actual condition before you used it.
  • Know what to do should an accident occur. Accidents are the last thing you’ll want to encounter, but it’s always good to know what to do just in case. Ask for the customer support, or roadside assistance number. Educate yourself about policies or rules should another vehicle be involved in the accident.

After Hiring the Car

  • Fill up the fuel. If part of the car rental company’s policy from the Sydney airport is to top up the fuel, be sure to have it refilled on your way to the drop-off location. Go to the nearest petrol station to ensure minimal usage as you return the car.
  • Be there on time. Clarify what time you should be returning the car. Don’t be late or you might get charged an extra day. Going during the opening hours is also beneficial as other companies do not offer shuttle after hours and you will be forced to take a cab going to the airport.
  • Request a car representative to inspect the car. And be sure that you are there when they conduct the inspection. You’ll want to know right away should they see any issues. If confirmed, that the car was returned in good condition, ask for a statement noting so. Should you have any complaints or concerns, contact the consumers affairs office right away.

If you already secured a cheap car hire service from the Sydney airport, you’ll want to avoid additional costs throughout your journey. Always practice safety, get all the information that you need, and be flexible. Most importantly, enjoy the ride.