Visit The Best Winter Tourists Spots Using Your Car Rental From Sydney

Travelling during the winter may be the least option among tourists from different parts of the world, but those who are planning to visit Australia during the colder months of June to August could still find themselves having a good time in the country. If you plan to tour the Land Down Under during the winter, you can contact a car rental company in Sydney and drive your way all over the country to see these popular Aussie attractions.

Blue Mountains, NSW

The famous Australian mountain range can still be considered as a sight to behold, even during the colder months. You can take a 90-minute drive from the city towards Katoomba to be able to bask in the beauty of this renowned mountain range. Once you reach the area, you can enjoy hiking over the lush rainforest and chill out in one of the numerous cafes, pubs and restaurants around the area.

Valley View Lookout, NSW

If you’re in for an awesome adventure, you may opt to get out of the tourist trail and explore the underrated beauty of Valley View Lookout and be surprised with its unique charm. Located at the Evans Lookout Road in Blackheath, NSW, this valley offers several scenic viewpoints of the Grose Valley. You just need to look for the best car rental deal in Sydney to get a reliable car that will take you to this majestic area.

Adelaide River

If you are up for a long drive, you can go all the way to Northern Australia and join the popular Crocodile Cruise in Adelaide. The cold weather is considered as a perfect time to spot the reptiles in the area. This could be a good opportunity for you to know more about these creatures and appreciate the diverse ecosystem of the country.

Hobart, Tasmania

If you want to experience a winter festival in Australia, you might want to head towards the capital city of Tasmania and join the popular Dark Mofo festival. It is a grand event wherein almost everyone in the island state congregate and celebrate their roots, culture and religion. This 10-day festival attracts people from all sorts of life, so expect to have fun and learn more about the Tasmanian way of living.

Cradle Mountain at the Lake St. Clair National Park, Tasmania

If you want to be one with nature during the cold Australian weather, you can opt to join a winter snowshoe trek at the Overland Track at Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain National Park. You will enjoy exploring the area while it is covered with white, powdery snow. This could be a very different experience compared to your usual summer treks.

The Great Barrier Reef, Northeastern Australia

While diving off the world-famous reef at the coastal areas of Queensland can be a challenge during the cold weather, it would be a good experience to visit the area to see the rich ecosystem that exists under water. But if you opt to stay on the shores during your stay, you can still have fun by making new friends in one of the numerous establishments that can be seen along the coast.

Travelling all over Australia during the cold winter months can be considered as an extraordinary experience. You just need to plan your itinerary and cover as many spots as you can using your rental car to be able to fully enjoy your trip.