If you are planning to explore huge cities such as Sydney on your next holiday trip, you should consider availing of a cheap car rental service. Cheap doesn’t mean your foregoing other benefits like a good customer experience or getting a substandard vehicle, you just need to be smart in looking for a supplier that will give you this balance. Convenience in traveling from the airport to your desired destination in a self-driven car is something you need to consider. Picking which type of vehicle that suits your preference is another thing.

You have to actually plan your itinerary first before deciding on the car that you will rent. Are you bringing the entire family? How many days and bags are you taking? Are you also traveling out of the city? Since there are hundreds of cheap car hires in the web that caters around and near the Sydney airport, you can search for various car rental websites with reviews and customer scores which will help you decide. Picking the right car may seem confusing at first, but remember to always take your time and study whatever option you may have. You can compare from different providers and the deals each provides while sticking to your allotted budget.

Here are a few types of vehicles to choose from:



The main city can offer you a lot of things, but the experience is so much different when you drive to remote and farther areas to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the country-side. Relevantly spacious for extra things to bring with you, this type will keep you through the long hours of adventure. You can bring your hiking and camping gears such as tents, clothes, toiletries, and cooking tools and you can also bring many easy-to-prepare meals since you’ll be in a place where restaurants are limited to none. These vehicles can also take you to different types of terrains with its various wheel-system. So whether you are up for an overnight camping or a whole day out of town drive, an SUV should be your pick.


Sedans are perfect to drive around cities like Sydney. Bustling and busy city requires a more compact and easy-to-drive vehicle since traffic is everywhere and the roads are narrower. Driving through the streets, crowded roads with a throng of pedestrians everywhere will bring inconvenience with a bigger car, and we do not want that. Save yourself from stress and choose a sedan if you’re cruising around the city.

 Sports Car 

These types of vehicles may sound and look luxurious, but they are undoubtedly good for a day trip in cities to appreciate the urban landscapes. If you are able to book a convertible, roll the roof down and enjoy how the Australian wind touches your face. You can also take selfies to show the world how classy your trip is in your sports car, just don’t do it while driving!


mini van imax hyundai

If you have the entire family traveling with you bring along extra luggage, a people mover should suit you. Whether it’s a city trip or an out of town adventure, a van brings that extra seat and convenience you needed. Not flashy, but we have to accept that sometimes practicality outweighs style.

All of us dream to have the perfect getaway. We don’t want to waste so much time doing things that are out of the plan. Aerodrive Car Rental will make your dream Australian escape an easy and convenient one and picking the right vehicle will give you ease in achieving a memorable trip that lasts a lifetime.