How To Drive Your Car Rental In Australia Safely During The Winter

A lot of tourists from different parts of the world are enticed to visit Australia because of its endless coastal beaches and vast outback. This is why a lot of visitors always opt to rent from cheap car hire companies in Australia so they cover a lot of places by driving across the country. However, going to the Land Down Under during the cold months of June to August can be a challenge if you plan to drive around during this time.  Fortunately, there are a lot of tricks that you can try to drive during the winter months.

Drive Slowly

While driving slowly and with caution can be considered as a general rule on the road, this tip will be more useful when driving during the winter. The icy wet roads can be a hazard around this time, which is why it would be harder to hit the breaks when needed. So always be conscious of your distance between the vehicle in front of you. Also, it would be wise to break gradually before reaching corners to avoid facing road hazards. But since you need to slow down, you must always make sure that you leave early so you’ll have better chances to reach your destination on time.

Check your Rental Vehicle Before Leaving

Before you start your journey, it would be best to check your car while you are still at the depot of your chosen car rental company. One of the most important things that you need to observe include the tread and pressure of the tyres. You must also ask the company if the car is fitted with winter tyres to make sure that it can run properly on the icy road.

Learn How to Clear your Windscreen and Check the Headlights

Since it’s highly inevitable to see a foggy road during the winter, you can expect to have a hard time driving because of poor visibility. In case this happens, all you need to do is to turn on the car’s air conditioning unit to its lowest temperature to clear the windscreen from the inside.

You can also check the car’s headlights as well as its indicator lights before you use it. If the lights are working properly, you can set it on low beam when driving in low visibility. But if you need to stop along the road for any reason, you have to make sure that your hazard lights are fully functional before you leave.

Use Snow Chains

If you are planning to go Australia’s alpine region, you must have snow chains in your vehicle. It can be used to help in your tyre’s grips in highly challenging roads. You just need to be aware about how to fit the snow chains before leaving the car rental office.

Understand the T&C of your Car Rental Provider

Not all car rental companies allow their cars to be driven during the winter season. But those who do normally take extra measures to make sure that their units are well taken care of. They also include a snow cover policy in their car insurance plan if they are renting their cars during the colder months.

Driving all over Australia during the winter can be a challenge because of the slippery roads and erratic weather. But if you know the tricks on winter driving, you would definitely enjoy taking your car rental anywhere you want to without worrying about your safety.