6 Tips For A Stress-free Road Trip in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a popular Australian stop. If you’re heading to the city, you’ll find that car rental suppliers abound. The prices vary so do your own research to score the best deal available. Chances are you’ll find a cheap car rental from Sydney airport if you’ll book from bigger agencies. You can always get started online by comparing prices and then booking directly with the company. Here are more car rental tips in Sydney for a stress-free road trip experience.

1. Get used to driving left-hand side.

If you’re coming from a country where cars are driven on the left side, then you will no longer need adjusting. If not, you might want to give yourself a good rest first before picking up your rental car. Note, too, that you’re required to wear a seatbelt at all times. In addition, the speed limit varies and is usually lower in residential areas.

2. Examine your car.

Before leaving, be sure to check out your car. See if it’s the same car rental model you booked from Sydney airport. Even if your booking was successful, it’s possible for your preferred car to get booked out. If this happens, you’ll be eligible for an upgrade. Be sure there’s no additional cost to you. Don’t forget to take photos (and even videos) of the car as proof of its actual condition. You don’t want to get charged for damages that you didn’t cause.

3. Check out available car parks.

If you’ll be staying for a long period in a single location, then it’s best to find a car park ahead of time. Take note of the time limits and the payment methods available. Usually, cash and card payments are both accepted. If you’re touring during peak times, bring patience with you as roads easily get congested.

4. Take note of the car rental requirements.

This part varies per car rental company. However, most of them require a FULL driving license. Other car rental agencies require a physical license but others don’t as long as a digital form can be presented. Some require drivers to be 21 and above. While some charge extra for drivers that are ages 24 and below. If you’re taking turns driving with a young driver, include this surcharge in your budget. Note, too, that young drivers may only be allowed to drive certain car models.

5. Gather toll information.

To make things clear, coordinate with your car rental supplier. This is you can avoid paying double or extra for toll fees. Toll charges differ per location and the type of vehicle you use. Your preferred payment method may also impact the toll fee. Plus, your car rental company may also charge a service fee. Ask about deals they offer and if they have a pre-pay toll pass. This saves a lot of money and effort when computing if you are planning to pass several tolls on your trip.

6. Fill your fuel.

It’s common for rental car companies in Sydney and the rest of Australia to require cars to be topped up upon returning the car. Before dropping off your rental car, be sure to fill it in a nearby petrol station. Find out which ones are located closest to the drop-off area.


Plan your itinerary as you might be able to save time and money by driving less. But, be flexible at all times. Also, don’t be shy to ask especially about discount offers provided by car suppliers. The best way to find a cheap car hire service from Sydney Airport is by gathering as much information as you can before booking.