5 Must-Haves For Your Rented Car

Traveling across the land Down Under may take you a couple of days, for this huge country offers a lot of places to see, things to do, dishes to feast on, and activities to try out—from Sydney, Melbourne to Cairns. While opting for a group tours or joiners could be less expensive, and commuting could be somewhat adventurous, nothing beats the convenience a rental car brings to travelers of any age and size.

If this will be your first time to rent a car and you do not know where to get the best car rental services in Australia, you can always search for options in the web. You can visit aggregator sites or rental forums. There is a long list of car rental companies offering different kinds of cars that will suit every need and hundreds of discussions regarding rental car services in specific places. You may even find relevant tips and helpful hacks for long drives. Asking for recommendations from friends who have experienced a number of car hire services could also be an option. Just be sure to stick with your budget and find what suits your need for your ultimate Australian escapade.

For a more superb experience on your upcoming road trip, take note of these five helpful things to bring with you:

Pocket Wi-Fi device

Pocket Wi-Fi device is a little secret weapon for you. With it you can access millions of websites which you can use whenever you need an important information such as maps/directions, driving policies, restaurant recommendations, bookings and the like. The thing about pocket Wi-Fi is it is so handy that you can just throw it in your bag and get it whenever your situation asks for it. Look for something that would allow you to connect multiple devices altogether, unlimited data for unlimited surfing, quick and easy online booking and hassle free, SIM-free one. This is also a good alternative if you do not have a…


Of course, there are GPS applications that can be installed on any smartphones, but when you have a single GPS device, you are saving your phone from draining faster. If you are driving around a new town or area, you’ll be needing something to guide you, especially if you are on a very long trip, and a GPS device will be your helper.

Children’s car seats

If you are travelling with your kids, you can consider having boosters, baby capsules and car seats for them. These will provide additional security and best protection for your precious ones while on a trip since normal car’s seatbelt won’t guarantee their safety when an unexpected crash or road accident happens.

Snow chains

Snow chains are very crucial especially when you are traveling during the winter season and when places covered with snow are part of your itinerary. Snow chains are basically a set of removable metal chains attached to your car’s tires to give it an extra grip on icy roads and snowy slopes. Give it a go and you will surely have a hassle-free trip that defies this type of weather condition.

Ski and snowboard racks and roof box

Have your next mountain adventure covered with this perfect combination. A ski and snowboard rack will provide you a safe place to load and unload your skiing and snowboarding tools. You will be needing a roof box to mount the racks on your rented car.

Consider this when choosing the car rental company you’re going for as these must-haves may be offered by them for hire. Contact the service company to check!